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Kassel, DE
About this position:

From forensics to nanotechnology, our analytical systems and solutions help the world’s top researchers do ground-breaking work on the small things that make big things possible. We’re after enquiring minds, imaginative thinkers, and proud geeks. Those who are irresistibly drawn to hard problems others can’t crack. Those who are always thinking ‘what if…’. Does this sound like you? Then read on….


Manages technical/scientific activities related to Particle Analysis within Germany and surrounding regions, working with Sales, Customer Service and Customers to provide value-added solutions to stakeholders utilizing the Malvern Panalytical (MP) offerings within all MP sectors that we serve.


  • Line Manager: Application Manager, Germany


  • Act as a subject matter expert or application engineer/scientist to support our XRF range of products, supporting all MP Sectors in various applications and opportunities.
  • To prepare and present lectures, publish scientific papers/posters and present seminars at an advanced level to our subsidiaries, agents, distributors, direct sales team and the end-users.
  • Communicate regularly with their local and global peers to facilitate sharing of knowledge, contribute to upskilling their colleagues in the global MP Applications department.
    • Assist the Applications team by provide on-going training support to ensure confidence with the complete MP range of products.
    • Explains when they can use it to complement a sample submitted for a different technology.
    • Share new/existing information about the multitude of applications that our company supports.
  • Be the technical/commercial expert to fully support the efforts of Account Managers/Inside Sales.
    • Work with Account Managers on “A” opportunities to devise the technical/product/demo strategy, as appropriate.
    • Work with the Inside Sales group on B opportunities to reach out to prospects and offer technically based means to progress an opportunity closer to an order.
    • Provide applications support to sales process for account managers, subsidiaries channel partners within the Regional/Country in line with divisional procedures and the agreed requirements of the individual sector/subsidiary managers.
    • Contribute to any internal sales support trainings and external marketing content (e.g. Webinars, Testimonial, Application notes) to increase scientific community interest related to an MP product(s) and/or sector(s).
    • Maintain the Company's CRM (Salesforce) solution by inputting updated information in a timely manner, in support of the sales process. Stay current with all tasks, activities, and opportunities within Salesforce.
    • Attend periodic sales meetings and present performance highlights and future outlook for the region.

  • To be responsible for and contribute to sample analysis in the form of pre-sales sample analysis or in a demonstration environment directly with potential customers, subsidiaries and/or channel partners, using the Malvern Panalytical range of instruments at an MP-site or a Customer-site and to communicate the findings of such analyses in written report or presentation format.
    • Be aware of the health and safety implications of any sample analysis and provide HSE advice to customers and staff accordingly.
  • Provide appropriate and timely technical assistance to Malvern Panalytical customers and prospects within the Regional/Country and associated channel partner territories.
  • Provide Applications expertise/consultancy to resolve customer applications problems in conjunction with regional customer support team to provide input to troubleshoot more difficult customer support issues.
  • Provide application expertise/consultancy to pre-sales and post-sales to increase business revenue by a multitude of Application Department Services.
  • Provide remote or customer-site post-installation training and commissioning of the product expertise the specialist is knowledgeable in for new or existing customers.
  • Provide customer feedback to customer support and the MP business to assist in increasing our customer satisfaction.
  • Manage the availability of the required resources to support the customer training, demonstration and marketing programmes within the Regional/Country.
    • Maintain current instrument proficiency in order to perform exceptional equipment demonstrations at prospective customer’s facilities in collaboration with Sales team.
    • Maintain, track and report Company demonstration equipment in their possession.
  • To help facilitate Applications support to contribute to internal MP projects (Expertise Project Requests (EPR)) collaboratively to support business development of product, marketing and/or sector campaigns in line with general business objectives.
  • Provide market and competitive feedback to Sector Marketing Manager and/or Product Management, respectively.
  • Investigation of the product/sector market and seeking possibilities for cross-selling via intense customer discussions, visits of local exhibitions and/or international conferences, to generate or provide input of existing or new market opportunities and user requirements to product management and sector managers for future products and customer centric solution developments.
  • Contribute to the NVI process for new product introduction and/or creating new business proposals utilizing the applications knowledge to create new business markets for MP to grow into.
  • Travel throughout assigned Territory/Region to call on prospective and existing customers to support orders, maintaining open communications with Account Managers or Inside Sales members always.
    • Analyze and control travel expenditures to conform to budgetary requirements.
    • Maintain adequate records and submit expense reports with appropriate documentation in a timely manner to substantiate expenses incurred while traveling on Company business.
  • Prepare monthly report showing current month support activities along with next month’s objectives.
  • Ensure that the Applications Laboratories adhere to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, and support the Q3HSE to maintain these standards across the Malvern Panalytical Region/Country sites
  • Maintain the COSHH database for all hazardous materials across all Malvern Panalytical Regional/Country sites and departments, ensure that all staff are fully trained in the relevant assessment procedures.
  • Maintain and be fully conversant with the documents (procedures, guides, forms and lists) stored on the Business Management System (BMS) to ensure that MP processes are correctly followed. Provide advice and training related to these documents, and contribute to improving or creating new documents on the BMS
  • Use Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Salesforce, MS products and other systems to maximize productivity and improve communications within the Company.

As these are responsibilities listed, additional responsibilities could be added.


  • On the value of knowledge assets within the business
  • Major impact on customer satisfaction
  • Directly upon the motivation of the Global Applications Specialist team
  • On profit and orders
  • On quality of service and product quality
  • On product development
  • On the professional image of the company
  • On Malvern Panalytical’s technical credibility for a specific technology in a specific sector


Ultimately accountable for internal and external customer satisfaction for their product line(s) and sector(s) support in their local territory, as well as globally. Must have a high sense of urgency and high degree of customer focus, with an ability to perform exceptional product demonstrations with a high degree of applications knowledge to provide outstanding customer centric solutions.


Customer and supplier communication

To handle, with promptness, patience and accuracy all communications from our customers and sales channels (direct and channel partners). To communicate results, methodologies and findings of a sample analysis and demonstration in the form of a written report or presentation and to provide support to customers and sales agents in respect of these reports as and when required.

Must have excellent written and oral communications skills. Communicates regularly with prospects, customers, Inside Sales, Account Managers, Application Scientists, Product Manager, Engineering, Marketing and Customer support personnel.

Internal Communication

  • Sales/Commercial – first line support to the sales process ensuring that we maximise the chances of Malvern Panalytical being selected as the vendor in a competitive situation.
  • Global Application Specialists – to work closely and assist the Global Applications staff in allied technology and/or application areas to ensure effectiveness of Company sales, customer support and marketing activities.
  • Helpdesk/Customer Support – to provide technical support for customer queries when and as required.
  • Provides scientific and procedural support to the Q3HSE
  • Monthly report required to be submitted to your direct Manager plus frequent communications with Product and Sector Marketing Managers, and all members of the Sales team.


Needs to be cognizant of typical laboratory practices and safety requirements, and familiar in working with a variety of laboratory situations.

The role will be based in the Germany (or any neighbouring country if this option is considered convenient for the company). The role requires frequent visits to customers’ premises. Expenses against the appropriate receipts will be reimbursed in accordance with the company policy. This is an exempt position meaning overtime is unpaid. Requires ~50% availability for overnight travel, as necessary.


Entry Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in areas such as Geology, Colloid Chemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Materials Science, and other scientific disciplines including the physical sciences is preferred.
  • Master’s degree or a degreed area specific to our industry (scientific or analytical instrumentation) will be considered.
  • Experience in Primary Materials, Advanced Materials, Pharmaceuticals, and/or Food Industries. QC or GMP experience preferred, but not a requirement.
  • Must be fluent in English and German. Any other language might be an advantage.

Skills & Experience

  • Previous laboratory experience is essential and expected. Minimum of 4-6 years’ direct industrial and/or academic experience, working in a research, development or laboratory setting.
  • Experience in a technical/commercial role and/or sales support role is ideal.
  • Experience in typical Malvern Panalytical market sectors would be advantageous.
  • Experience in Laser Diffraction Particle Analysis and Particle Shape analysis is highly preferred.
  • Experience and direct knowledge of other Malvern Panalytical Technologies (e.g. GPC/SEC, XRF, DLS, XRD, Borate Fusion etc.) is preferred, but not a requirement.
  • Knowledge and/or experience in competitive or orthogonal analytical techniques such as AA and ICP would be advantageous.


Communications skills at all levels and the ability to conduct oneself in a friendly, open and professional manner, is required.

  • This is a visible position influencing the customers’ perception of our company’s professional image. The ability to deal efficiently, diplomatically, ethically and with consideration of Malvern Panalytical’s customers and your work colleagues, is essential.

Needs to have good balance of technical skills in a specific area of technology, plus experience in one or more key industries, as well as commercially savvy. In addition, a personality and aptitude for working in a team environment is essential. Lastly, skills or aptitude in selling is important. Knowledge of how customers buy is important, as well as how to build relationships with prospects and/or customers is highly desirable. Strong computer skills are essential.


  • Communication
  • Cooperation and Team working
  • Adaptability
  • Expertise and Professionalism
  • Problem Solving/Analysis
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