Staff (HR, Finance, Legal, IT)

Our Human Resources department is responsible for finding the right talent, developing our employees and guiding sustainable growth of our organization. Our foundational belief is that excellent care of employees breeds excellent results. To provide excellent care and to be an effective management partner capable of understanding current and future organizational developments, our Human Resources department plays the diverse roles of facilitator, coach and advisor. Our success comes from our transparency and our open mind for change and improvement.

Malvern Panalytical is a global, highly innovative company creating high investment systems. To be able to do that, we need innovative, world-class financial solutions. Our Finance department strives for optimal management of activities and business by pursuing the global objective of minimizing financial risks and managing financial results. They offer optimal support, advice and insights to help the organization meet its objectives. Reliable information is crucial for an organization that develops and changes quickly. By taking the right decisions now, we create space for tomorrow’s investments.

Our legal department supports the worldwide legal affairs of the company in the broadest sense of the term. The legal department is constantly monitoring & managing the legal risks occurring from our day to day business activities. By reviewing, drafting and negotiating various types of contracts, providing advice and guidance on complex legal matters and regarding internal policies and procedures, as well as contributing to the implementation and creation of awareness on policies, procedures, guidelines and instruments. Our legal team are not just acting as lawyers, but as a real business partners.

Information is everywhere, and our IT department facilitates this by supplying infrastructure, applications and support. The goal of our IT department is to help the organization look to the future in terms of their technology usage. Business and technology are constantly developing, taking shape, and moving forward. It is their main mission to see to it that the organization keeps up with technology.


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